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Product Details
These "N" scale kits represent 40 automobile box cars that were built by the Bettendorf Company in 1930 and lasted in some numbers until 1959 with the 160250 to 160599 series cars (totaling 350 cars) built with end doors. The other series 159250 to 159899 (totaling 650 cars) had fixed ends. 400 of these cars had the roof raised 6 in 1946 and the door width increased by 26 to 146. These cars are in the number series 159250 to 159899. The exact numbers are not available at this time.
Rocket Express kit #NRI-1 is kits with end doors and car series 160250 - 160599
Rocket Express kit #NRI-2 is kits with fixed ends and car series 159250 159899
The car kits come with all parts needed to build a complete kit with the highlights of a one piece body with all detail parts but brake wheel and stirrups casted on body. AB type brake equipment casted in place, Trucks with couplers, Decals. The only thing the customer has to provide is paint, and time.

Pricing for NRI-1 and NRI-2 kit is $20.00 plus $7.00 for shipping and handling in continental USA. Other shipping please get in contact with us.

You can also purchase these cars built but not painted for $27.00 or painted and lettered as shown for $45.00. That's a custom one off custom "N" scale car for ONLY $45.00!