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These kits represent 50 automobile box cars that were built by the Standard Steel Company in 1930 and lasted in some numbers until 1959 with the 264000 to 264149 series cars (totaling 150 cars) built with end doors. The other series 262450 to 262799 (totaling 350 cars) had fixed ends. 54 of these cars had the roof raised 6 in 1946. These cars are in the number series 264000 to 264149. The exact numbers are not available at this time.
Rocket Express kit #RI-3 is kits with end doors and car series 264000 to 264149
Rocket Express kit #RI-4 is kits with fixed ends and car series 262450 to 262799
The car kits come with all detail parts needed to build kit with the highlights of one piece roof , One piece sides with door casting and door rails being separate for the none molded on look, both KC and AB type brake equipment, Trucks, Decals. The only thing the customer has to provide is paint, couplers and time.

Kits sell for the price of $47.00 with $7.00 for shipping and handling in continental USA. Other shipping please get in contact with us.