Rocket Express was formed in 1998 after its founder I, Ron Von Werder, discovered that not enough Rock Island Freight Car Kits were readily available in the market to satisfy modelers desires to properly model the Rock Island Railroad. To remedy this situation, I started experimenting with casting freight car parts. In going to LLC, I had decided to change the name to Rocket Express Models.
The desire of Rocket Express Models is to produce as close to prototypically correct, freight car kits that we can and that are as customer friendly in the assembled process as can be with the process and materials used. Thanks for your interest in our kits.
Sorry for the inconvenience but we will be updating and upgrading the website in the next few months. So as of 10/23/19 there will be changes that will be ongoing. Hopefully we will be done by Mid Nov. 2019. I'm not a web designer.

Officially released is a Outside Braced Caboose Kit CRI-2. The kit will be of the 17625-17764 and 17785-17849 series without baggage door. The kit sells for $57.00. Plus shipping if ordered for mailing. Kits have been shipping for a while.
Click above for more info.

Also new is the 75000-75249 series stock car. The kit is a flat casted resin kit. tooling is done, detail parts are in and kits are being now shipped. Now taking orders and /or will be in stock at shows.

Tooling is being worked on for a B2 box car 133000 series for our next kit. This will hopefully be done for 2019.

We no longer take any pre-orders for any of our kits before they are in production.

We are still working on taking credit card orders via our website. So at this time we do NOT take them off the Website. If you need this option please contact us.
We however are taking credit cards at the shows we attend.
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Rocket Express Models strives to deliver the best in high-value, right-priced original prototype models.
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